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~ Registered Psychologist (provisional) ~
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My Story…

Although I’ve been to many places, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada raised me from birth. As all Regina natives know – seasons change. One cannot cling to the flavours of the wind for long, as rain, snow, and sun play an unpredictable dance with the inhabitants below. From a young age I learned the inevitability and necessity of life and its never ending state of change. Perhaps it stuck to me so well that I began an interest in world travel and all the information they didn’t talk about in school. I started to long for change.

Having journeyed extensively through most of Europe and North America (including the heart of Mexico) I developed an appreciation for how the World teaches us – if we let it. I began noticing that as the World spun around me, a world also spun inside me. The more I looked there, the more real it became.

Many of us were taught otherwise, that the answers to the world are outside. One of my greatest strengths is to meet my clients where they are at, providing compassionate space and empathy in the darkest places. I’m not only trained to go there; I’ve actually been there.

Throughout my twenties and early thirties I’ve explored the privileges and dangers of being immersed in cults and fundamentalist religion. I’ve journeyed through temples and ashrams, studied with witches and shamans, explored the depths and heights of psychotherapy at the California Institute of Integral studies where I completed my MA in Integral Counseling Psychology. Having scaled the vicissitudes of raising children, marriage, divorce, and the deep entanglements of narcissistic/codependent relationships, I have a passion for healthy relationships and how to grow toward and within them. I work with men and women and run Prometheus Men’s Group, a place where male energy seeks a healthier, more conscious way. I am an entrepreneur, own a successful landscaping business (, and write for online journals in the areas of health, wellness, psychology, sexuality, and spirituality.

Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, I invite you to sit with me amidst your highs and lows, and let us see what magic you, I, and the fabric of life can create.

I believe: We are good enough to do exactly what we need to do; we have what we need to heal, within and without; life is a continual stepping into this awareness; and that all of us require help along the way.

Services Offered

Individual Psychotherapy

Schedule a 50 minute one-on-one consultation.

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Couples Therapy

Schedule a 60 minute session for you and your intimate partner.

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Family Therapy

Schedule a 60 minute session for you and your family.

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Meditation – Individual Session

Schedule a 40 minute, private, “learn and advance your meditative practice” session.

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Meditation – Group Session

Schedule a 60 minute, private, “learn to meditate” group session. Perfect for office workers!

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Business/Career Consultations

Find more effective ways to run your business, work with and motivate employees, and eliminate individual roadblocks.

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If you have somehow found your way to Jordan consider yourself lucky. Contrary to how other counsellors approach counselling where it is a dialogue where the counsellor espouses their knowledge on you, Jordan makes counselling a mutual experience. Jordan’s ability to be present enables him to really hear and feel your story which enables him to help me to become present with my feelings and story and to work through them together and to provide tools to help me outside of the counselling session. – R.C.

I see Jordan Kozey for counselling at Holistic Wellness and he’s a great counsellor and really like the office. It’s a very calming and soothing atmosphere and I find seeing Jordan has greatly improved my quality of life. – L.T.