Jordan Kozey, MA

Registered Psychologist (Provisional)

Healing Through Relationship

I’m Jordan Kozey, and I am a passionate therapist and writer from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Born in and amongst the simplicity and open skies of the prairies and trained in core of San Francisco’s elite psychological community, as well as other areas of the world, I am keen on providing a diverse perspective, open mind, and experienced heart to the therapy I provide and the exploration that takes place in my office.

My mission is to compassionately discover ways of cultivating greater health and meaning in the lives of individuals, couples, and families.


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Individual Therapy

My work has seen success in working with individuals experiencing


Healing Trauma

(Sexual, Mental, Emotional, Injury)

Grief & Loss

Creative Walls/Feeling Stuck

Mood/Personality Disorders


Recovering from Brain Injuries (ABI’s)

Sexual dysfunction/stagnation

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Immigration Stress



(Caretaking of others)


Lucid Dreaming

Intense Dreaming

Hard to Explain Spiritual Abilities

Lack of Assertiveness

Troubling, Invasive Thoughts

The complexities of polyamory, swinging, or “lifestyle” issues

Unhealthy Attachment to Parent or Parental Figure

Considering Separation from Spouse

Difficulty with Sexual Preference Issues or Coming Out

Lack of Confidence

Lacking a Sense of Self

Couples Therapy

I am trained and efficient in assisting individuals and couples in the following areas

Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy & Attractiveness in the Relationship

Surviving/Leaving a Narcissistic Partner

Regaining Life through & After Divorce

Finding Passion & Intimacy After Children

Sexual Polarity

What is it and why is it important?

Relationship Turbulence/Codependency

Alienation from Children, Affairs

Breaking Up But Want to Remain Friends or Co-Parent

Understanding Gender Dynamics & The Subtle Languages of Love

Non-violent communication

Domestic Violence Support/Repair

Issues in the “Lifestyle” or Polyamory

Reclaiming Trust


Blended Family Complications

Increasing Attractiveness

Financial Disagreements/Organization

My Approach

My approach weaves a creative web through interpersonal, narrative, transpersonal (spiritual), somatic (body-oriented), cognitive and psychoanalytic modalities. My work is sex positive, relational and adventurous in nature.

I also work with dreams, believe that energy needs to move through the body, and that gender plays an important role in well-being. Mostly, I am interested in how we wake up to better lives through relating to one another.

What I Offer

I do NOT diagnose. I believe in alternative measures to exploring mental health than labelling our difficult moment. This does not mean I believe a diagnosis is always a detriment, just that in many cases I see, including my own, a good relationship and an adjustment to behaviours and surroundings is all one needs.

I believe: We are good enough to do exactly what we need to do; we have what we need to heal, within and without; life is a continual stepping into this awareness; and that all of us require help along the way.

My Background:

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Regina, then attended the California Institute of Integral Studies where I completed an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology. I’ve learned that health is not found in textbooks (although there are some damn good books out there), but in relationship & connection, a devotion to self-exploration, behaviours that provide positive returns, and developing ways to connect to the mysteries of life.  I also believe we need help and guidance along the way.

Having scaled the vicissitudes of raising children, marriage, divorce, and the deep entanglements of naricissistic/codependent relationships, owning my own business, and having undergone extensive travel, I have a passion for healthy relationships and how to grow toward and within them.

I work with both women and men, and run Prometheus Men’s Group, a place where male energy seeks a healthier, more conscious way. I also write for online journals in the areas of health, wellness, psychology, sexuality, and spirituality.

Why I’m A Therapist:

People ask me why I chose to be a therapist. It’s a good question. It is not solely because I like to help people, although that is certainly part of it. I believe I derive a sense of fufillment when I sit with people and hear the real stories that get missed in everyday, surface level conversation. Each hour is a way for me to witness the emerging of a new hero or heroine in his/her own life. In the same light, I am able to make more sense out of all the experiences I have mountained and valleyed along the way.


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