Prometheus Men’s Group


Building Intimacy Between Men

As patriarchal ideologies fade, men are caught between diverging worlds: the provider and following one’s true vocation, the stoic man and the man who shares his feelings; the sexual man and the creative man. Prometheus is a Greek Titan, and his name means “forward thinking”, and that is what we will do, challenging existing paradigms that no longer serve and keep us secretly frustrated and depressed.

We Seek To:

  • Improve relationships with family and partners
  • Understanding the difficulties of becoming a father
  • Discover alternative methods of utilizing our sexual energy
  • Harness the power of anger and turn it to benefit
  • Learn how to be vulnerable and why that is sexy
  • Develop meditative techniques that improve relationships and careers
  • Understand the power of our dreams / dream work
  • Explore the feminine and what that really means to men
  • Boost confidence, self esteem
  • Understanding commitment phobia
  • How men are abused in relationships
  • Discuss the world of online dating, and much more…




Jordan Kozey, MA - R. Psych. (provisional)

PO Box 18 - Craven, SK, Canada - S0G0W0


Jordan Kozey

206 2445 Broad Street
Regina, SK S4P0C7
(306) 581-4149

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